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He is however often the target of my frustrations, purely because I trust him more than anyone else - ironic as it is that the one's we love the most are the ones we push away - but he has learnt not to take my negativity too personally.This took time, but only because I spent so long in denial about being bipolar (about the first three years of our relationship) that I wouldn't let him try and reason with me.The two days after work each night, she spent all day at a guy friends house.Apparently from what i gathered, she and him fell asleep in bed. Since then she's been sick and hasnt really wanted me around for the past 3 days. She doesnt protest to me being with her, but she wont let me touch or hold or cuddle with her. I'm a forgive and forget kind of person, and i believe her when she says nothing happened at the guys house.This is my first relationship with a bipolar person. If you can, try to get her to open up to you, and better yet, get her to see a doctor.This is coming from a bi-polar girl, so I'm not just talking out of my arse.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 2005, and psychosis 2010, but the symptoms have been there since I was just thirteen and all my relationships, no matter how loving, have suffered at the hands of my condition.

By Kerry Hudson Waking up on a Saturday morning, the sun beating it's way through closed curtains.

the smell of freshly cut grass from the park outside, and the man I love draping his arms around me.

As we discussed in the post exploring why we initiate bad relationships, some individuals, especially those with low self-esteem or those who perceive themselves to be less attractive, have low “comparison levels” (Thibaut and Kelley, 1986; Luciano and Orth, 2017; Montoya, 2008). Revisiting the Romeo and Juliet effect (Driscoll, Davis, & Lipetz, 1972): Reexamining the links between social network opinions and romantic relationship outcomes. doi:10.1027/1864-9335/a000181Zayas, V., & Shoda, Y.

Your comparison level can be thought of as your “standards,” or what you expect to receive from a relationship.