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Speaking about the latest discovery, a spokesman for the Israel Antiquities Authority said: 'The valuables might have been hidden in the cave by local residents who fled there during the period of governmental unrest stemming from the death of Alexander, a time when the Wars of the Diadochi broke out in Israel between Alexander’s heirs following his death.

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Rayburn had his co-workers call 911, who sent an officer to coax Gort into coming down from the roof'We were just kind of searching here waiting for our next hit on this story when we spotted the child,' Rayburn, who works for WSVN said. 'I didn't mean to cause any trouble, and I didn't mean to waste any of the police officers' time.'When asked what he was thinking at the time, he said: 'Not really sure.

'He's on the roof of the house.'He said employees back at the television station alerted police to the child being on the roof and that he appeared to be okay.

More Lake Information 2017-18 Dove Season Calendar North Zone: Sept.

Special White-winged Dove Days (entire South Zone): Sept.

I'll let you know if anything exciting happens around here.. I know the vast majority of folks that are watching the happenings in the gulf are kind of apprehensive about what the storm might bring. My wife had the weather channel on when I went home yesterday evening. You would have thought that there was a Cat 5 out there in the gulf breathing down on us.. But if you think they can predict what will happen four days out, you are crazy.. We will certainly welcome the rain in south Texas, and lets hope the valley gets a good soaking and they'll shut off the flow from the dam. Good rains have continued to fall over the mountainous terrain in the Conchos water shed, and lake levels have continued to rise on several of the lakes in the system. There are other lakes over pool on the system as well, and what we need is for rains to continue and force the hand of the IWBC into releasing a meaningful amount of water. There have been a couple of groups down this week, and they have bout got the fish figured out. If the store is closed on Monday, you know he is probably washed up on some beach, leaning on a coconut tree, swilling rum.. This weekend is looking like a washout (and I hope the hell it is) so I don't reckon I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places.. "Opening weekend of dove season they'll be water in every cow track.." He's been a lot more accurate than the national weather service.. August 18, 2017: Another work week has pretty much passed.. I've said it a time or two before that that bait is a dead ringer for our threadfin shad. It is August and the last week before school starts.. The top of the lake is still off color, and while a lot of you are probably used to fishing stuff that looks worse; I just don't like it.

August 24, 2017: Well Harvey has been peaking the interest of a lot of folks. When it comes to putting water in Falcon, now there is another story. Including Boquilla, which has come up to 92% as of Tuesday.. Being that no other method of negotiation has ever brought us any water.. While we are on the subject of government boondoggles, the coast guard cadets are back down riding with the Border Patrol doing you the service of violating your fourth amendment rights.. The last few days they have been smoking them in the trees. And if the wind keeps up, it's not going to clear up much anytime soon.. That's the last week in September by the way, in case you are making plans..

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Police officers were able to coax Gort into coming down from the roof.

Of spotting Gort, Rayburn told Inside Edition that he was shocked and his first reaction was disbelief.

You be to must be totally open minded in every way.

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