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For example, graphite is opaque and black while diamond is highly transparent.Graphite is soft enough to form a streak on paper (hence its name, from the Greek verb "γράφειν" which means "to write"), while diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material known.

They are chemically resistant and require high temperature to react even with oxygen.Regardless, questions remain: Who carved these symbols?Was it the Tainos or perhaps a pre-Taino society that carved these symbols? Whenever anyone views petroglyphs the unavoidable question comes up: What is the meaning of these symbols?It's interesting to note that carbon-dating techniques aren't effective on rock.The majority can be considered being made around 5000 BC to 1700 AD.Alan Whanger - Previously unpublished response to the article When the Shroud of Turin went on display this spring for the first time in 20 years, it made the cover of Time magazine with the blurb "Is this Jesus?