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THR spoke to Mirchoff about what we can expect from Matty and Jenna’s romance this season, where he’d like to go with his character in Season 2, and what he has in common with the popular Matty on the MTV hit.The Hollywood Reporter: Where would you like Matty’s story to go in Season 2?Ashley graduated high school at age 15m and is a member of MENSA.She is an avid equestrian who also writes poetry and scripts and paints in her free time.Beau Mirchoff: I think just to dive more in depth into Matty’s life to see what makes Matty the way he is and what he loves, and his aspirations, and just more details about Matty.I think that’s where I have the most fun is when it’s emotional stuff or just high stakes and I find that’s when it’s the most fun, and more enjoyable – when you really get to learn about someone’s character.

Jenna also gets a 'care-frontation letter' and has an accident in her bathroom, which everyone thinks was an attempted suicide, but she starts to realize this mistake might actually be her ticket to social visibility.“Matty probably has his shirt off in his profile picture,” he says.Rickards, meanwhile, believes Jenna would a little vague on her dating account.So, what has Beau learned about the best way to win back an ex? “You know, I’ve been doing a lot of outdoors stuff.When the show returns later this month with brand-new episodes, the Palos Hills couple and their pals will have leapt forward a year to the summer after college.